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Lone Archer

My first game ever to be released to the public.  Actually, the first game I’ve ever completed too!  It was made over a period of 6 months of nights and weekends.  I have my family’s love and support to thank for this achievement!

Lone Archer is a casual action VR Game. Defeat endless waves of incoming enemies, all of whom wish for nothing more than your utter destruction. Gather Power-ups to increase your score and heal your wounds.

So far, there are 4 unique environments, each with a different enemy challenge. 22 Different enemies.

The Village
Will see you battling the Orc horde.

The Cave
Is filled with the most vile ghouls, each ready to rip you apart with their bare claws.

The Temple
Erupts with the skeletal remains of its former inhabitants.

The Crossroads
Is the place where all 3 of these worlds collide.

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